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Apples (A Super Food)

August 21, 2011 1 comment

There might be more truth to the age old saying,  “An apple a day will keep the doctor away” than you might have already known!

Eating an apple a day has many benefits. Do you think you know all of them?

Let’s get started!

An apple is a low calorie, low sugar, high fiber snack which makes it great for dieters because it makes you feel fuller. Apples actually have more fructose than glucose. Fructose must be converted to glucose before it can be converted to fat. Also fructose goes straight to the liver where it is used for the day’s energy.

Eating apples everyday is correlated to decreased risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and stroke. Eating apples increases antioxidant capacities in the blood and plasma which contributes to overall health.

Apples contain a powerful super-antioxidant called quercetin. Quercetin is an anti-histimine and anti-inflammatory compound. Quecetin prevents and may improve allergies, heart disease, high cholesterol, hypertension, interstitial cystitis, prostatitis, rheumatoid arthritis, and cancer. For more information see this article. Quercetin has also been shown to increase endurance in athletes undergoing aerobic training, making an apple a perfect post workout food.

In addition to superantioxidants, apples also contain essential vitamins such as Vitamin C, potassium, calcium, and small amounts of every other vitamin and mineral. See chart!

Apples contain bioflavinoids and phytonutrients which have been shown to improve health and prevent many ailments.

Apples are also a natural laxative. However warm apple juice is most effective at this function than a whole apple.

Apples are a natural stimulant as they can increase alertness in the morning hours by providing the brain with readily useable sugar. They are a healthy alternative to coffee for those who do not like to drink coffee and can be eaten in addition to tea to help wake you up.


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