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“Without warmth, love, and positive regard, man is nothing”

The above quote summed up the emergence of psychology as a field of knowledge in the 1960’s. It was around this time that psychology was gaining credibility, specifically humanisitc and social psychology. Around this period of time society was changing on many levels. There was the natural movement attributed to popular music and the predominant pacifist and peace loving youth culture that were labeled as “hippies”. There also was the civil rights movement and right after, the women’s rights movement which fought for the rights of marginalized peoples in America. The field of psychology emerged in full force amidst a turbulent time in American humanity which showed some of the lowest and highest peaks of human expression.

Today, psychology is vastly different. The field is dedicated to diagnosing and treating mental illness. When not dedicated to that main goal, the field is dedicated to making sense of the human mind and phenomena previously unexplained pertaining to human mental capability. This may include the new trend of the psychological attempt at understanding the mental picture of spirituality. If this is correct, the field is polarized with two ends. One dedicated to putting people in boxes and the other dedicated to understanding how people free themselves from their attachments to things that hold us all back.

It’s this conflict between finding center and decentralizing hindrances to human success that is categorizing the field, both within treatment of mental illness and understanding extremely successful human beings. The only problem, is that everyone’s center is different. For each different person you choose, their ideal center is somewhere else. That in itself makes it much harder to use a centering approach to understanding what makes a person tick and function at his or her best.

Anytime a conflict like that exists, there is a positive and negative side. The negative is that any bad aspect of humanity can either be ressurected or predicted in the present and applied to anyone. The positive is the same, but any person will be able to understand this and able to work their own way to their best self. If the average person could understand at a deeper level how their problems and centering forces either came from the past or are a result of zeitgeist, or even before our time, then that person could function at a higher level and become a success.

Remember, as Jesus once said, “Sabbath was made for man, and not man for the Sabbath”, meaning that the world was made for YOU. That is the understanding that can make all the difference!


It’s Your Health and Not Your Doctor’s

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The Doctor's OfficeThis is the last place you want to be when you’re not feeling well, but it’s inevitable and it’s necessary because we all depend on the expert advice of another and their ability to prescribe medicine that can hopefully heal.

Your health is yours! We all wish for better health and wellness so that we can live in harmony with our people and our goals. It’s wellness at stake that causes people to visit the doctor, not the need for pills and procedures.

Wellness can mean different things to different people. A person might want wellness for peace, happiness, harmony, energy, love, joy, health, connections, to protect another, and many more other values.

The truth is that when you see the doctor and he or she diagnoses you and then gives you a prescription. That is just one opinion and not the end for you.

It is the beginning of a full recovery and a “clean bill of health” or at least a much cleaner one.

If you agree with your doctor and take medicine, you’re on the way to healing. Healing comes from within but medicine can assist and help one along to a better state of health. Make sure to read all of the medicine information that comes with the prescription. Know what other substances and activities are not good to mix with the medicine. Then know that the ones not listed are not prohibited. As they might have said in a popular book , ‘there’s no prohibition on peace, harmony, and love’ (The Holy Bible, Galatians 5:23). You have your own freedom when it comes to the activities not warned against by your medicinal information.

foodpyramidThe next and more important step is to decide your diet. The food pyramid is one of the best recommendations for the average person there is on procuring a healthy diet. The food pyramid is first, well-rounded and provides all nutrients in excess. If one follows the food pyramid for two weeks, then they would not need vitamins or supplements. The body would be able to utilize and synthesize all the vitamins, proteins, and nutrients it needs if one is able to follow the food pyramid. When a person is sick, it is of double the importance to have a healthy and health-giving diet, no matter the sickness. Generally, it’s important to get a lot of servings of healthy foods and much less of luxury foods, meats, fats, etc.

These are used to measure the structure of the body. But not the ultimate body!

These are used to measure the structure of the body. But not the ultimate body!

The next step to be health conscious. No matter where you are in health, it can only help to know the truth about your health. If one know’s the truth, it is many times more possible to change for the better and become a better person. It’s also important to know your own pace in learning and becoming better. The most important thing about healing is to let your body heal at its own pace and to let the healing happen!

Exercise is also important. However, exercise has many shapes and sizes. The most important thing about exercise is that it helps a person’s brain and muscles to form new memories and have new experiences. If you have more experiences then its easier for your body to recover when faced with challenges and illness. Exercising can be anything from doing a crossword puzzle to running a marathon and everything in between too!

In achieving better health, the first step is to notice a problem. Seeing the doctor and having a prescription is just one of the steps along the way to being a better person. The goal is to get rid of that problem and prevent it from happening again the future and also to be well. The ultimate goal is achieving wellness! 


How to have enough Food on a Low Budget!

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Food is the most important building block of health. A healthy and well-balanced diet can ease many problems including sickness. Even if a person cannot afford to have a lot of food, it’s still possible to have enough food to be healthy. For someone on a budget, finding the right food can be difficult and without family or government assistance it becomes many times harder. This article will provide some useful tips in securing a healthy diet.
Every healthy diet contains fruits and vegetables. Both fruits and veggies provide essential nutrients and minerals that every growing person needs to be in peak physical health. The Mediterranean diet is based on a main diet of fruits and vegetables with the use of other foods (such as meats, fats, or sugars) sparingly or in moderation. To get enough carbs and protein from fruits and vegetables, a person needs to have a higher quantity or amount of them and have more servings throughout the day. Generally, it is best to buy fruits and vegetables on sale, that way there will be more money in your pocket at the end of a grocery trip.
Many need a large amount of calories so they can gain weight, gain body mass, and at the most extreme to prevent mal-nourishment. Fast food options are a good choice then because they provide a mega-serving of calories in one item of food. The extra calories from fast-food goes to the liver where they are broken down into stored energy. For the person who really needs calories, fast food is a good option that is not too expensive.

Water is the universal solvent and one of the most needed nutrients for every person. Water aids in the breakdown of proteins, fats, and carbs. Water also helps the liver process prescription drugs, chemicals, and other substances that a person might be exposed to. That might be why the doctor recommends drinking 6-8 glasses of water a day. Water is good also because it provides much needed hydration which contributes to a general good feeling of well-being. If you’re short on food than you’re going to need more water to keep your metabolism going strong and your blood flowing also.
The next thing to remember is to stock up on multivitamins. A multivitamin a day can keep the doctor away if you can’t afford as much food as in the past. Each multivitamin pill contains every vitamin needed for the body to carry out its self-preserving functions. A multivitamin also protects against disease and free radicals that could harm an ailing system.
Make sure that no matter who you are, you’re staying healthy and well nourished.

That way, the only thing to worry about is the other challenges that life has to offer!

Stay in the game and stay healthy!

An apple for your health!

The Truth Behind Detoxification Programs

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Fruits and Veggies Make a Healthy Heart!A detoxification diet is a good way to prepare your body for healing, extreme long term situations, full cleansing, big events, etc. Detox attempts can be complete as well as incomplete. Most detox periods and schedules will be incomplete because there is no way to fully get rid of all toxins within a body in a short span of time. The good news is that detox is possible in a short span of time too.

The fundamentals of detox diets vary but have some things in common:

  • Free Radical Reduction: Renegade electrons are considered free radicals. They can be contributed by toxic agents and increase oxidation by binding to free oxygen, in error.

  • Rehydration: A state of hydration flushes out easy toxins and hydrates the tougher ones , making themvulnerable to the body’s natural defenses.

  • Positive thoughts/meditation: Cleanses the brain and central nervous system (CNS) by integrating mind and body.

  • Exercise/Activity: Increases blood flow and also the flow of nutrients, immune cells, energy, etc. Decreases stagation of blood or bad cells.

  • Fruits/vegetable diet: Puts new vitamins, antioxidants, phytochemicals, and energy into a healing body system.

  • Fasting: Moves stagnant digestive particles closer to the body’s large intestine and also its exit location to be excreted.

  • End of detox, detox: The end of a detox session will bring a last spurt of detox which is the body’s way of getting ready for preferred performance in the future. It is the hardest part of detox so one should go slow when starting a normal or optimal routine or way of life again.

All detox sessions should last at least 24 hours but not longer than 2 or 3 weeks. Detox sessions should follow recovery from an illness or be taken before a surgery or medical procedure. The detox period can only improve the body’s fortitude  in stress and before a big event.

Take care of your body and you will be able to live the life you want!

Stay focused and determined!

Your own support is most important for a successful detox!

Achieving Happiness in Health

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Group fitness is a great way to maintain health!

Every year, at some point each and every person becomes conscious of their health in the face of challenges and stress. When you become health conscious, a person is either  a n x i o u s  about their future and/or acting to  p r o t e c t   the ones around them, their prospects, and well-being from the negative effects of pain and illness. Challenges to good health can cause a cycle comparable to a slippery slope whereby at the bottom is total despair, and this can happen to anyone. This focus of this article is to provide some tips that can have practical application to the subject of good health.

When you think about health, what comes to mind is usually a state when you’re feeling great and you can take on the world!  That’s good health.  Bad health is when one isn’t feeling so great and the world doesn’t seem so great either.

Actually biological health, the health that makes it all possible is called homeostasis. Homeostasis is a constantly changing condition of the inner systems of an organism. To a practically minded person, homeostasis is working when you’re feeling great. To the physician, health is when the inner systems are working the best they can. For the individual, it’s about finding middle ground between the two and then feeling great!

The  environment  around us can either be positive or negative as it is different than us. It can bring really good things and also really bad things to a person. At that point, it’s up to the individual to decide their actions, thoughts, beliefs, etc.

Each person’s health revolves around the other big things in their lives. For most of us, that’s our family, groups we belong to, the conditions we’ve come to like and dislike, our beliefs, resources (physical and those that we have yet to discover i.e. nonphysical), etc.

When one realizes their own future, bad health can also be attributed to weakness and not as much the environment around a person.

Change can be scary because it’s unknown what will happen, but change can be good too. It’s important to unify one’s body and mind for better or worse, once weakness within oneself appears before oneself. It’s important then, to be comfortable with yourself no matter what health you’re in.

For some, that can be achieved by watching movies or doing something fun. For others, its a little more complicated than that. Personally, I find that a good movie can make a real difference. One should strive to be happy first and not be afraid of the potential to feel happiness.

Then if that doesn’t work well, become determined in your mind. Take a stand against weakness and the negativity in your environment. Try anything that can help you get better, once you’ve done some learning. Then don’t settle for bad opinions from people in your environment. Seek support, and in the end support yourself.

There are a lot of options for someone seeking health:

  • yoga
  • exercise
  • vitamins and supplements
  • advice from doctors
  • adjusting diet and water intake
  • adjusting own happiness
  • diet
  • learning more about alternative medicine

Good luck! Do your best!









Buildin an Exercise IQ

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Butterflies of Spring!Many people set New Year’s Resolutions that include getting a better, stronger, more attractive body. The only thing is that there isn’t enough time, energy, or support for most New Year’s Resolutions in general. The best thing to do is to think of Exercise like an IQ or getting smarter. Usually, you wouldn’t think that exercise is the same as getting smarter in something like math because of the common traits of those things. In reality, they’re both the same because you can always improve at anything. Why not combine them both and see what happens?

To build an “Exercise IQ”, what one needs at the very beginning is raw energy. Most of people aren’t born with endless supplies of energy, at least by the time one realizes the need for exercise. To build energy and motivation, the most practical thing to do is to start a habit. But don’t think about it like a habit though because that adds pressure and implies commitment. So use other metaphors or synonyms like, “going on a roll”, “making combo moves” or even “eating nails for breakfast”!

Scientific literature has a general agreement that a habit can be formed in about two weeks, more or less. In real life, every situation is different though. Here’s a breakdown of different time frames that can be effective in making a new habit.

-7 days: Of constancy or consistency in numerous short or long workouts.

-2 weeks: Of well planned constant short or long workouts.

-1 month: Of a combination of the above to set a personal trend.

-2 months: If you had the chance to concentrate on workouts for two months it’s a habit now.

During that time, much more exercise than usual is needed to see benefits and build an exercise mindset. If you default exercise level is a certain amount or intensity, one has to simply do more than before. It doesn’t really matter how much more as long as its planned and repeated. For those worried about time management, just do any kind of exercise when you have a free moment.

Since this is a goal, there are going to be obstacles that will get in your way. That’s OK… It’s acceptable to take every chance you can get to do a short workout and improve as much as you can.

After a while you’ll build an exercise mindset or an exercise IQ to go with your other intelligences.

Doing this is going to build discipline, one’s ideals, and in the end of the journey to reach the goal.

Once you see progress, don’t stop there. Keep trying because that’s when most stop either because they’re content or because future change makes it harder to be comfortable. Both for you and for the other obligations in your life.

Over time, your brain and body is going to be stronger. So invest that time into going for the fulfilled New Year’s Resolution which is the same throughout the year. If you actually are successful, then you can stop using the same Resolution! 😀

What really counts is to be open to future changes. Everyone is uncomfortable with the unknown but that’s what makes it possible to change. Plus, you can have all the bragging rights you want when you’re successful!

Self-Actualizing Advice Pt. 2

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This self-actualizing advice comes from, “The Actualization App”, available on the Google Play store.

Everyone is very intelligent in at least one subject. The best way to find out if you’re intelligent in something is to ask yourself what are you curious about? Learning more about the things your interested in boosts your IQ and your knowledge base, it makes you smarter! Also, when someone asks you for advice you can be an expert in the topics that are interesting to you. Self-actualizing is about being the best person you can be and continuing to grow as a person at every stage in life. The more you learn, the more you self-actualize. Try to learn at least one new thing or read one new article every day!